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MONEMVASIA: "The Gibraltar of the Aegean"


In the South East of Greece, in the Region of Laconia, around 300kms form Athens and 90kms from Sparta, one can find one of the most historic and exciting regions, Monemvasia.


Monemvasia, also known by the Franks as Malvasia , was separated from the mainland due to a major artquake in 375 BC Its name derives from two Greek words, mone and emvassia, meaning "single entrance".

Olive Oil Culture

Greece, the country with bright sunshine and a mild Mediterranean climate, has been growing the olive trees that give us the famous and high quality Greek olive oil for 3000 years!

Our Friends in Monemvasia

Here are some of our friends who share our passion for Monemvasia

Photo Gallery

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Please contact us at or phone +380-66-155-6973