For any information about Mana Gea please contact us at or phone +380-66-155-6973
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Pure Agricultural Products from Mother Nature


Family Company


Having started from a small family business in Monemvasia, Greece, we at Pure Products LC have succeeded in creating a contemporary and dynamic company producing the best possible olive oil (exceptional quality virgin, green olive oil, organic etc.)  Our company has been born out of our love for the sacred fruit that is the olive.  With supplies from Monemvasia, a region with a rich tradition in olives , we suggest a way of life close to the innocence and purity of nature.  At a time when dietary values are constantly changing, we stand by olive oil for the quality and reputation of what has been a renowned local product since ancient times.



 Our Vision

At Pure Products LC we remain loyal to the passions and knowledge of our forefathers.


Just as in the days of the ancients, olive oil is today enjoyed for its quality, taste and nutritional properties.  We believe that today’s modern lifestyles look to tradition to reclaim the scents, images and unmatched values of nature.  For us, nature is the source of our inspiration and a guarantee for any products purchased with our name on them.


Our Partners

The aim of Pure Products LC is to work very closely with business partners who share the same passion with us about pure agricultural products and our love of nature. Our international network is rapidly expanding, and currently Mana Gea products can be found in Greece, Ukraine, Russia, United Kingdom, Austria and very soon in other selected countries all around the world.


".....Even before sunrise, the entire village would go to work collecting olives, bracing wind and rain. There would always be a great deal of laughter, joyful singing and a merry disposition as everyone would help one another to gather the olives from their farms....." quote from uncle Nikos Pontikakos


Please contact us at or phone +380-66-155-6973